No educator would disagree with this Edith Ackermann's statement: "Building knowledge occurs best through building things that are tangible and sharable.At the Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School, we agree. We believe that the best learning occurs when students are allowed to use their imagination, talents, and knowledge to create things.  

Banneker's Innovation Lab was created with this belief in mind. It began small. In 2013 a group of teachers collaborated on a set of interdisciplinary lessons that engaged artistic concepts, engineering principles, paper and pencil, CAD programming, guest speakers from the municipality, and finally, a sustainable community model full of student designed homes and windmills.

The program has grown every year since. Now, students use elective time to learn the Design Thinking process in order to solve real problems. By sixth grade, the participants are teaching the younger kids what they learned in 4th and 5th grade. 

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